Which Side Are You On!

How it Began

The Federation of Unilateral and Nefarious Control (F.U.N.C)

They weren't always the colossal behemoth of global influence they are today. Originally a small tech startup, they developed a device that could manipulate human emotion through sound frequencies. Their intent was benign at first: to help people with mood disorders. However, as the potential became evident, greed took over. They expanded, influencing people to consume, obey, and never question. Soon, their devices were everywhere: radios, televisions, even cell phones. The world became passive, submissive to the will of F.U.N.C.


 A rogue CIA agent, Agent Melody, discovered a frequency that disrupted F.U.N.C's control while listening to an old vinyl record. Realizing its potential, she initiated a covert operation to find individuals who had somehow remained immune to F.U.N.C's influence and showed exceptional musical prowess.


Melody’s first recruit. On his ship, "The Harmonic Wave", he'd play ancient piano tunes amidst the roar of the sea, protecting his crew from F.U.N.C's sonic influence. His ship was the only place where one could hear pure, unaltered sound.

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Running an underground radio show under the alias "The Beatkeeper", he was a beacon for those searching for untainted rhythms. His drumming skills were honed by replicating patterns of coded messages sent by resistors against F.U.N.C.


 Singing in secret woodland gatherings, Tracy was a myth, a voice without a face. Her songs were whispered to be the calls of nature itself. When Agent Melody finally located her, Tracy was singing atop a hill, the wind and birds harmonizing with her.


In the catacombs of an ancient library, James discovered musical notations etched in stone, resistant to F.U.N.C’s manipulations. Using these as a base, he composed deep bass lines that resonated with the very core of the Earth.


Josh used  his guitar solos as secret messages, instructing his circus troupe in their acts of defiance against F.U.N.C. His performances were a spectacle: high-wire acts synchronized with strums, juggling in rhythm with riffs.

The Story Unfolds


One by one, Agent Melody gathered them. Their first meeting was in an underground bunker, shielded from F.U.N.C's devices. They began to play, and it was electric. Different backgrounds, different sounds, but one purpose: to break F.U.N.C's control. CIAudio was born.

The Journey:

Their first gigs were in secret locations: abandoned warehouses, underground tunnels, deep forests. Word spread like wildfire. "Attend a CIAudio gig, and feel free again," was the whisper on everyone’s lips.

Their music wasn't just about entertainment; it was a balm for the soul, a reminder of a world before F.U.N.C. With every performance, areas would momentarily break free from F.U.N.C's influence. It became a game of cat and mouse, with F.U.N.C agents always on their trail.

Which Side Are You On!