Criteria and Process to join the Label

Artist Submission Criteria


At Only The Label, we are passionate about supporting emerging talent and fostering a diverse community of artists. If you are interested in joining our label, please review the following criteria to ensure your submission aligns with our vision and values:


  1. Genre Diversity:

   - We welcome artists from various musical genres. Whether you specialize in indie, electronic, rock, hip-hop, jazz, or any other genre, we encourage submissions that showcase unique and innovative soundscapes.


  1. Originality and Creativity:

   - All work produced should be your own original content, or in a situation where a cover or samples are being used, proper licences and paperwork must be in place. Valid copywrite infringements could be grounds for dismissal from the label


  1. Professional Quality:

   - Your recordings should meet professional standards in terms of production, mixing, and mastering to the best of your ability. High-quality audio is crucial to ensuring that your music resonates with our audience and industry professionals.


  1. Established Online Presence:

   - A strong online presence is essential for building your brand and connecting with fans. We encourage artists with an active presence on social media platforms, streaming services, and a professional website.


  1. Commitment to Collaboration:

   - Only The Label values collaboration. Artists joining our label should be open to working with other musicians, producers, and industry professionals to enhance their artistic vision.


  1. Authenticity and Artistic Integrity:

   - We seek artists who are true to themselves and committed to maintaining their artistic integrity. We believe in supporting musicians who stay authentic to their creative vision.


  1. Positive and Professional Attitude:

   - We value professionalism and a positive attitude. Artists who are collaborative, open-minded, and dedicated to their craft are a great fit for Only The Label.


How to Submit:

   - Send your your artist bio and any relevant links (social media, streaming profiles, etc.) to [].


Please note that meeting these criteria does not guarantee acceptance, as we receive a high volume of submissions. Only selected artists will be contacted for further discussions.


Thank you for considering Only The Label as a potential home for your music career. We look forward to discovering new, talented voices and contributing to the vibrant world of independent music together.  #cripsy