Monocrome Motif

Where are you based -

Leicester, UK

When did the label start -

April 2022

What genres do you specialize in -

Post classical, cinematic, electronica & a bit of contemporary pop including classical elements.

Why did you start the label

Originally started to release my own CD but was determined it wouldn’t be a vanity label and soon began looking for artists to build the roster. I think it became a real label when the professional Canadian cellist, Natalie Williams Calhoun agreed to release her EP via the label and we’ve just built from there. 

What formats do you offer -

All EP’s and Albums have been released on CD & download via Bandcamp with streaming going online a few months later. Would possibly like to do vinyl in the future if the demand was there. 

Are you open to new submissions, if so what’s the best way to get in touch 

The roster is pretty full at the minute but if you’ve got something you think I need to hear and it fits our brief, get in touch via Twitter DM or the contact form on Bandcamp or our website. 

Tell us about your current release & what’s next -

Current release is “Matrices” by Dan Johnson & the 12 tones, an experimental album based around various 12 tone ideas using 13 musicians on the title track. 

Our next release to look out for in a few weeks is the business themed Hartshorn, Jackson, Jackson & Warren album “Sound Investments” with probably our most catchy release to date but still containing orchestral elements. 

Our release after that features our new signings, the talented Californians Alexa Thanos & Sean Ettlin, with a new classically based album due early September. They were introduced to our fan base via their excellent track “A Painted Ship On A Painted Ocean” on the recent Poseidon’s realm album in April 2023. 

What’s your advice for someone thinking about setting up their own label -

If you’re really passionate about it, just go for it. Feel free to reach out to other labels for advice you’ll find we’re a friendly bunch. 

What’s your ambition for the label -

I would love to see someone break out. With the roster we’ve got that could be into the mainstream or film music, video games etc. but in the meantime, I’d like to think we’re building a community of likeminded artists in a fair and equitable manner and we’re all helping to spread the word about these fantastic talented musicians. 




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