Black Creek Rock

Black Creek Rock is two working class family men in Northeast Alabama that work jobs, live hard, and play hard. Matt Bonner (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Jeff O'Clair (vocals, drums, percussion) have played music together since the 90s. BCR was conceived in 2020 as an outlet for their songwriting and as of 2023 four albums have been published. With 70s guitar and piano rock as a musical foundation, BCR plays vintage style rock and roll with a mind toward creating intelligent lyrical music for thoughtful reflection.

Customer Reviews

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De Le Greed
"Before You Leave Town"

Gritty, Country vocal charm, beautiful guitar solo that adds a sense of longing. A must Listen.

Mario Marino
Fresh yet Iconic sounds of Country American Rock

Black Creek Rock bring everything i love about Country and Rock together in a package that makes me want to jump on a road hog and just cruise. Perfect Drums, absolutely perfect guitars, and vocals which rise above everything painting stories with every track. This is the America i want to see in the Movies and hear on the Radio. This is the soul of everything great about the country and the Genre, and I want to keep hearing it over and over! So close you can reach out and touch it, but in it's own space of memories and good times. That's what Black Creek Rock gives me every time i hear their amazing music. Keep rocking!!

Only the Host
It's always the drums for me

I can't say enough nice things about this duo. The music ranges the spectrum of intensity. The vocals often hypnotizing. The stories captivating, but every time I wind up sucked into that drum tone and whatever spell it casts on me. If you've been on the indie music hunt, you've probably seen it live.

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