Broken Nomads

We are Broken Nomads.

Mattias and Ouwle are an ambient/downtempo duo formed deep in the old woods during the summer of 2021.

Ouwle is a music producer from Sweden who started producing his own music in 2020, with his first spotify release being released one year later. He grew up with different EDM genres like house and dubstep but discovered more chill electronic genres like ambient and psychill later on, which is his main inspiration for producing music. During highschool he studied three years of music production where he learned to play the piano and work in DAWs like Logic Pro X, Pro Tools and FL Studio. The last one which he primarily uses nowadays. But the following years after his education he only produced as a hobby, not releasing anything to the public.

A cold winter day, the year being 2021, Ouwle decided to share an early piano idea for the track now called Snowbed with the established chillstep artist and friend Krisu. He instantly got inspired and told Ouwle they had to finish this song, which then lead to Ouwle assuming his artist name and he started to think more seriously about making music for others to hear.

During the summer that same year, Ouwle started making music with his father Mattias to form the duo group Broken Nomads. Aiming to produce electronic music with soul and emotions. They worked under radio silence before finally releasing their first track Afterglow during the summer of 2023.

Broken Nomads


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Customer Reviews

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David Von Beahm
Trippy, ethereal, intense, amazing.

From the electronic ambiance of "A New Beginning" to heart heart-pumping "Raveolution" to the bounce beat of "The Walls Are Dancing" Broken Nomads are great at creating a vibe all their own. Wandering through synthy soundscapes and pulsating rhythms, there is nothing broken at all about the vagabonds of sound! The production quality is amazing and every sound is clear and fits as it should.

Jonathan Hadley
The Deep End

Broken Nomads produces largely electronic music, but unlike so much of what you hear in that genre, the music is packed with emotion. Broken Nomads speaks through electronic instrumentation in a way that is still able to connect and speak to your soul with such a depth that you may as well be floating in the deepest part of the ocean. Their brilliant approach to the electronic genre is unique and powerful. Personally, I highly recommend their song Nevermore, though you can start anywhere in their catalog and you'll not be disappointed.

Mario Marino
The master of Low and High Fi Ambience

Exquisitely crafted down to the nano second, Masterfully composed from Bass to Treble, and sound textures that have been molded like clay into the most delicate of arrangements - This is Broken Nomads. With music that makes the perfect backdrop to the Universe, all of their tunes always hit so perfectly and so beautifully. Meditative, Ambient, Surreal and Ethereal. Love every second of it!

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