Chronic Ion

Chronic Ion is a self-produced musician and audio engineer who creates Electronic, Funk, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Spoken Word... let's just say no genre is off limits. He's also responsible for releases under the artist names Jim Slatts and Josh Coker, and Creative Interference Audio.


James Offers 60 Minute 1 on 1 Audio Engineering Sessions

If you would like to book an audio engineer mentoring session please go to the calendar and fill out the form. Sessions cost $20.00 per hour and can be tailored to specific topics. Sessions will be conducted by screen and audio share through Discord.

All of my production work is done on Reaper. If you use Reaper, I will happily share project and track templates.

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Mario Marino
Space Funk in a unique style

Luscious synths, amazing guitar work, and beats that are mixed perfectly. Combining elements from Past and Future, Chronic Ion creates soundscapes that are unique yet familiar. Bright, Punchy, but equally Dark and Mysterious. Every track brings it's own flavour and all of them delicious. Firemountain Funk is a personal favourite!

De Le Greed
A Harmonious Fusion of Funk, Guitar, and Synth Brilliance

Immerse yourself in a fusion of funk, guitar, and synth, where great progressions unfold seamlessly. Guitar and drums weaved together harmoniously. The synth speaks softly, whisperings of FUNK. As the rhythm breaks down, embark on a wanderlust of exploration with swift riffs and captivating synth progressions.

David Von Beahm
Become Chronically Ionized!

Get your electronic funk on! Chronic Ion combines many elements to create such a unique sound. Chronic Ion is its own thing that will leave you groovin, jammin, and spacin. It's the good stuff! It's a vibe all its own. The music could be in movies or video games or your car on a long road trip to an unknown destination. Looking forward to more sounds from this incredible artist.

Uncle Funkbeard

Chronic Ion brings prog rock sensibilities and a heart of funk. A talented songwriter, bass player, and producer, James Slattery crafts instrumentals that will get you groovin'.

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James Slattery is an audio engineer, producer, and independent musician responsible for the releases of Jim Slatts and Josh Coker, Chronic Ion, and Creative Interference Audio. Entirely self-produced, James creates and works from his small home studio in Batesville, Arkansas.

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