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Collaborations - The Kintners (Compact Disc)

Collaborations - The Kintners (Compact Disc)

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Introducing "Collaborations" by The Kintners - A Musical Odyssey Across Borders

🎶 About the Album: Embark on a transcendent journey with "Collaborations," the debut album from the Texas-based songwriting powerhouse, The Kintners. Comprising husband and wife duo Kelly and Keri Kintner, this magnum opus took a meticulous 13 months to craft and stands as a testament to the duo's unwavering dedication to musical excellence. What sets this album apart is its unique collaboration with an international ensemble of independent musicians, seamlessly blending sounds from South Africa, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Georgia, New York, California, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Arizona.

🌍 A Global Tapestry of Sounds: Distinguished by its diverse roster of contributors, "Collaborations" transcends geographical boundaries. Musicians from around the world, despite working in isolation, share their talents through the internet, creating an album that captures the spirit of a band intimately working together in a studio. The result is a rich tapestry of musical styles, a true celebration of Americana that spans jazz, folk, and everything in between.

🎹 Acclaimed Reviews: Charu Suri, a Masterclass Jazz pianist and Grammy Voter, hails "Collaborations" as a "gloriously ambitious work" that transforms simple situations into epic, beautiful paintings through its songs. Marc Schuster, a UK musician and writer, recognizes the challenges of global collaboration but applauds The Kintners for preserving the magic of musicians playing off each other in real-time with "real grace and warmth."

🌟 The Vision Behind the Album: Kelly Kintner, with a background in folk music and recording engineering, spent the last decade traversing America in a truck, immersing himself in the diverse sounds of live music. Fueled by a desire to collaborate with musicians he admired, Kelly and Keri crafted solid demos and reached out to artists worldwide. Locked down during the global pandemic, the duo turned this unique situation into an opportunity to create a project that joyfully celebrates the rich history of American music.

🚚 A Sonic Journey Across America: "Collaborations" is a sonic journey inspired by Kelly's 12 years of trucking and wanderlust, encapsulating the essence of Americana. The album reflects a love for the diverse sounds of the United States, from the jazz of New Orleans to a smooth west coast night drive. Each track invites listeners to experience the beauty and complexity of American life through the lens of The Kintners' wanderlust.

🌟 Experience the Joy: As Kelly Kintner expresses, "Collaborations" is an album born out of passion and wanderlust. Let the joy of this musical odyssey wash over you as The Kintners invite you to celebrate the diversity, richness, and soulful history of American music. Immerse yourself in this unique collaboration that transcends borders and genres, making "Collaborations" a timeless addition to your musical collection.

Don't miss the chance to experience the magic of "Collaborations" – where the world unites through music.

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