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Kanilrós is a musician who enjoys creating music of varying styles, but the rock/metal guitarist background is never far away. Film (April 2023) is Kanilrós’s first solo album and contains 18 instrumental tracks.

The second album, Hive was released two months later and features Kanilrós on vocals, as well as playing all the instruments, recording and producing, as on the first album. Three of the albums 11 tracks are revisited versions of tracks from Film.

Third album, Tape is out 2nd August 2023. It is another instrumental album like the debut, but much shorter (10 tracks) and has a more relaxed overall mood. Some tracks have been described as ambient.

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Amazing Musician, Man, and MARVEL

I first dicovered Kanilrós on the Indie Music hunt, and was struck by the musicality in the guitar shredding my face off! I make hip hop so its not a type of music I normally enjoy, so I was curious.
Eventually I got to know the man behind the music, and explore all the deep cuts "Vodka" is a WZRD favorite. But also the care with which he played Christmas Carols on banjo and inspired my son to want to play it along with guitar.
A world class musician and human being! 10/10 recommend!

Only the Host (John)
Legendary Guitarist!

Picture this: Kanilrós, guitar in hand, effortlessly weaving between Metal's thunderous riffs, Blues' soulful laments, and Chill's tranquil melodies. It's like watching a master painter blend colors on a canvas, each stroke deliberate yet infused with passion.

But what truly sets Kanilrós apart is his ability to connect on a human level. Behind the virtuoso guitar solos and intricate compositions lies a genuine love for music and a desire to share that love with the world. Whether he's performing solo or collaborating with others, there's an authenticity to his artistry that resonates deeply.

And as for his original works? They're nothing short of breathtaking. Each song is a story waiting to be told, a glimpse into Kanilrós' creative soul. And when he joins forces with fellow musicians, the result is pure magic—an alchemy of talent that transcends the ordinary.

So, if you're tired of the same old songs and craving something truly special, look no further than Kanilrós. He's not just a musician; he's a storyteller, a visionary, and a true artist in every sense of the word. Dive into his world, and prepare to be swept away."


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