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Storm of Crows EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Storm of Crows EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

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Storm of Crows is a three piece rock band based in Sheffield and Stockport, in the UK. Matt, Jimmy, and Paul originally played together in a band at the end of the 90s but it only lasted a couple of years. After 2000, the guys went their separate ways and got on with their lives, occasionally staying in touch.

During the Covid lockdown in 2020, Matt decided to record some of the bands songs properlyso bought some home studio gear. Jimmy and Paul eventually got wind of this and expressed an interest in taking part too, so Storm of Crows was born.

The band have now self-published and released a number of singles and have just released their debut album in December 2022. All songs are recorded in their homes, and mixed and mastered by Matt.

Twenty-Five Years – Our Debut Album

Our album is the result of a journey that we started together in 1997, and with us releasing it in 2022, the name Twenty-Five Years seemed apt. We havent been working on it that long. We started writing and recording around October 2020, though a couple of the songs are from when we were playing together the first time round (Summer Streets, One Day, and Your World).

Were all big fans of rock music, and that was about as much as we decided when it came to having a theme for the album. Apart from that, we just agreed to write four songs each and release it whenever it was ready (though once we decided the name it encouraged to get it finished with the end of the year looming!)

Weve produced a limited run of CDs as were all quite old school (are CDs really old school?) and wanted the album to be available on physical media, not just streaming/download. Were really happy to have already sent CDs to America, as well as countries across Europe.

The Future

Being an independent band, we dont feel the pressure to keep releasing song after song. Weve worked very hard on the album so following a short break over the Christmas period, well get back to making some new songs but what format that will take, were not really sure. Possibly an EP, maybe a single or two, eventually a second album, we just dont know, but well get there before another twenty-five years is up.

Contact Information

E-mail: Phone: +44 7799 604 218 (Matt)

Storm of Crows on Social Media

Website: Bandcamp: Twitter: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Music: Facebook: Instagram:

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