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Storm of Crows Signature The Nothing Pedal

Storm of Crows Signature The Nothing Pedal

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Where other Boutique Pedals boast about what they do, The Nothing does exactly the opposite!

Persuaded into existence by Matteus Stormcrow II, The Nothing guitar pedal is truly the pedal's pedal of pedals. Boasting precision dials to control the wide range of "Zilch" and "Bugger All" carved out of free-range plastic of the most average quality, tone enthusiasts have lost months of their lives trying to find the sweet spot between these two.

Only the most serious of musicians need have The Nothing on their board. Nothing else compares. It's the only pedal you'll ever need.*

*Please remember, it does do nothing. Don't get all pissed off and whingy when you get it home, only to realize you've been had and pissed away $500 on a pedal that does nothing. It literally says it does nothing on the front of the freaking pedal. You were warned.
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