Tears of Clown

Tears of Clown began around January 2019, although the idea for this project was born around 2011. It is a one-man band project, where I (Juanma Sosa) take care of absolutely everything related to the band (composition, recording, lyrics, artwork, production, mastering, and promotion on social networks). With influences ranging from Thrash Metal, through Speed, to Heavy Metal primarily, Tears of Clown aims to have varied and dynamic songs. You can find fast songs, heavy ones, ballads, and songs with rhythm changes.

The project already has an album released in 2022 titled "The day that never comes," and in the first part of 2024, the second album titled "I just want to live" will be released.

I encourage you to not only listen to one song but explore the entire material, as there is a variety of sounds and styles within the Heavy Metal range.

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