The Kintners

Texas-based songwriters, Kelly and Keri Kintner, are not your typical troubadours. Their Indie-Folk Americana songs tell stories of people and places they have encountered on their journey. Major influences include Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead , Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, or any artist with lyrics and harmonies that grab you!

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A couple of my favorite performers and songwriters!

I have a lot of respect for the Kintners: terrific songwriters, musicians, recordists, and journalists. It’s especially rare to find that such people are also genuinely nice folks.

Dirk Prysby
Classic Songwriting

Classic songwriting, that’s all I can say. Because when you strip away all the production and sounds the song has to be there. And with the Kinters, it always is.

Andrew Hartshorn
Great songs, great production

Having been initially a fan of and then a collaborator with the Kintners I’m well aware of Kelly & Keri’s talent. But this release takes everything to the next level, song writing , delivery & excellent production by Adam Whittaker, it really is amazing. Favourite track is Maybe with beautiful harmonies & catchy hooks. This is when they are at their best with a beautiful blend of their voices.

Michael Johnson
The Kintners are awesome!

My favourite is actually Debbie’s Daughter, but all songs have a great story to tell, clever instrumentation and just make you feel good!

WZRD Gundlach
That's Alright with Me!

How From When is a personal favorite of mine, love the vocals on this and the guitar work is phenomenal!
Heard this on @onlythehost Indie Music Hunt! Immediately followed on Spotify and favorited this song!

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