Tim Woodruff

Tim Woodruff, a fresh voice in the indie alternative music scene, brings a dynamic and exploratory approach to his craft. With two albums to his name and a growing list of collaborations, Woodruff's artistic journey moves between elements of electronic, ambient, alternative rock, synthwave, and film score compositions. His music often combines synthesizers, guitars, and samples, to create unique musical pieces that resonate deeply with his listeners.

Tim's debut EP, "Odyssey" is a dreamy synthwave journey, a mixture of instrumentals and songs. Building on the success of his debut, Woodruff's sophomore release, "Keeper of the Forest," represents a departure from synthwave, delving into a more introspective and earthy realm. Inspired by his experiences in the countryside and fueled by elements of fantasy lore, the album weaves a narrative through electronic soundscapes that evoke rural imagery and contemplation.

His upcoming works will focus more on heartfelt lyrics and a more alternative rock feel, while still using some of the synth elements and ambient textures that he has become known for.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Woodruff has actively collaborated with a variety of musicians across multiple genres. His work with various synthwave, electronic and alternative rock artists reflects his openness to exploring the intersections of different musical genres.

As Tim Woodruff continues to carve his niche in the indie music scene, his dedication to originality and willingness to push artistic boundaries set him apart. With a penchant for storytelling through sound and a diverse palette of influences, Woodruff invites listeners into a musical journey that will always keep listeners guessing in the best way possible."


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David Von Beahm
Great artist!

Tim's music is both synthwave with throwbacks to the 80s and also ethereal and meditative. I was amazed by his Keeper of the Forest album. Dreamy, intelligent, contemplative sounds will swirl about the listener's brain while being taken to some far-off land in the listener's mind.

Tracy Cloud
Each Song Will Take You On A Journey!!!

Tim Woodruff's work has so much depth and introspection. He moves between genres with ease and takes you on a musical journey with every listen. You will find yourself on a high-speed synth chase on his track "On the Run”, in a wintery landscape coming through gorgeous piano and strings in "At Winter's End” and rocking along to beautiful vocals and guitar on "Coming Back To You". This only scratches the surface. Everything Tim Woodruff's catalog will leave you in a better place after hearing it. Tim is a positive force within the Indie Music Community, and his future sounds amazingly bright!

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