Tracy Cloud, a celestial force in the realm of music, is an artist whose ethereal vocals and versatile talent have left an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners worldwide. Born to breathe life into melodies, Tracy's voice resonates with a rare quality that effortlessly transitions between genres, creating a tapestry of sounds that captivates audiences


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Captain Chemical
"I See Blue" Gives an Angelic Voice Some Different Undertones

Tracy Cloud is one of Only The Label's most popular artists. Tracy's vocal style is often compared to Tori Amos and Kate Bush, but her song style defies easy classification, as it ranges through country, rock, and pop. Her new EP "I See Blue" reveals the full breadth of Tracy's stylistic range. The album kicks off with "Let It Shine," which could be described as a classic Tracy Cloud song, enhanced by some interesting guitar (and sitar?) work. That's a great place to start, but the tracks quickly start to diverge stylistically. "Reflection" contains echoes of 80s pop, while "I Want You" is a straight rocker. It's unique and refreshing to hear Tracy's normally delicate voice on a track like that. However, my favorite track on the EP is the closer "Now And Then," a psychedelic masterpiece that starts with backwards guitar riffs and just gets more mysterious from there, while Tracy's angelic voice weaves in and out. The whole EP is well-produced and more than worth the 24 minutes it takes to hear it. You'll probably come away as one of the legion of Tracy Cloud fans, if you weren't already. YouTube video placeholder
David Von Beahm
Tracy "That Voice" Cloud

Tracy is an amazing artist with a wonderful voice that seems to merge Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Julianne Regan. Her music is well-produced, and the vocals are amazing with great melodic intent and harmony. Tracy Cloud certainly has a voice from the sky!

Woody Walters
Your music always brings a smile to my face.

Pretty much perfect in any conceivable way. Truly inspiring, truly beautiful. Haven't heard a voice like this since Tori Amos. Your music always brings a smile to my face. My favorite songs are “When I Hear you say it” and “Fairy Queen” off of her 2023 Spellbound album but they’re all superb. Give her a listen!

Mario Marino
The voice of an Angel!

When i listen to Tracy, I am always taken away by that sweet yet powerful voice. It cuts through even the most busy of instrumentation to deliver diamond like clarity with uncompromising quality. Fey Fantasy, Sultry Jazz Club, Rock Diva - her talent adapts to the mood and always leaves me with that same impression; the voice of an Angel!


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