TruckDog & the Go People

TruckDog & the Go People is Christian John Cuddy. A solo music project producing eclectic tracks with Punk, Rock, Indie, Alternative, Electronic, and Pop vibes.

Find me @_TruckDog_ on Twitter and/or X.

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Captain Chemical
Canine Transportation for the Ears

Anyone who has ever sat in on the Indie Music Hunt has run across TruckDog, one of the most friendly and positive members of the indie community. Given that personality, you might think TruckDog's music would be all cheerful and upbeat. But you would be wrong. TruckDog is all about moods. Playing in a wide variety of styles, each TruckDog song creates its own atmosphere. Some tracks sound like happy, perhaps slightly inebriated people singing around a campfire ("Sunshine"), others are powerful (like "Prophecy of the Orcs", an instrumental collaboration with Mickey Maffei), or eerily dark ("LiveForever"). Whether the tempo is fast or slow, TruckDog's chord progressions never fail to be interesting. TruckDog's vocal style is unusual, but the lyrics are always interesting. And if you don't like one song, just move on to the next - it will be different. And every song is certain to have quality guitar and drum performances. Take a tour through the TruckDog catalog - you're sure to find many unique musical gems. YouTube video placeholder
David Von Beahm
Always expect the unexpected with Truck dog!

Truckdog and the Go People will always grab your attention. The music is raw, eclectic, interesting, and groovy! You think you know where you're going, then BAM, a hard left into something entirely different and unexpected. It's always a great listen.

Music that Makes Me Smile Smile Smile

I was first introduced to the music of TruckDog and the Go People with the album, Smile Smile Smile. I caught "Slow Valley Punk" and loved it. I had to get over to the streamers to hear more.

From the opening title track, I was thoroughly hooked on TruckDog's inimitable style featuring double-tracked vocals, guitar riffs and basslines that hook you, restrained synth work that compliments each song without taking over, and drum work that inspires. The songwriting really grabbed me more than anything: the chord progression and vocal melody on "Sunshine" was an immediate standout, as were the lyrics to "Electron Microscope". I immediately related to the sentiments expressed in "Fear of Success" and found the whole album to be a very uplifting and positive experience. Indeed, this music made me smile, then smile some more; a feel-good album from start to finish. I've been a fan since that first listen.

Since that introduction, TruckDog has continued to roll out new material at a staggering pace and I look forward to every release. Great music, that's the name of the game, and TruckDog is winning! As a bonus, he's also a wonderful artist with lots of great paintings to his credit (which should be future album covers if you ask me!).

Lastly, but certainly not least, I have discovered that the man behind TruckDog and the Go People, Chris, is one the kindest individuals I have encountered on music socials. An unwavering supporter of indie musicians and their art, he has inspired me on a personal level to be a better supporter. Full of positivity and hilarious puns, this is a muso worth following, worth listening to, and worth supporting with your time and money. Go find Smile, Smile, Smile for yourself and discover this incredible talent.

Mario Marino
Soulful Guitar meets Ambient Harmonic Vocals

Truckdog & The Go People brings a specific form of mystique to downtempo rock. The Phased vocals that take on an almost ambient air intertwine with intricate guitar work that drips emotion. Each track brings it's own unique flavor that leaves me waiting for the next course - because it's the type of music you need more than one serving of.

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