Uncle Funkbeard is the leader of the house funk revolution. He is an enigma who makes music that will get you moving, says things on Twitter that will make you laugh, think or both, and likes to hang out online with other talented musicians.

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David Von Beahm
What. Is. This?

THIS.... is Uncle Funkbeard, and that is all you need to know. Groovy, funky, jazzy, with a lot of percussive elements. So many twists and turns happen within the music and interesting things happen under the hood. Like many on Only the Label, he is a genre all his own. This IS Uncle Funkbeard.

James Slattery
The House Funk Revolution Begins Here

Funky, fresh, and clean... that's how I'd describe Uncle Funkbeard's music. Smooth tones and catchy melodies tempt you into the new House Funk genre. Surely these funky sounds will be emulated by future generations for years to come. Music that you can't help but tap your feet to.

Mario Marino
Melodious Funk in a Clean Mix

When i first heard Uncle Funkbeard's music, I immediately took to the clarity and composition of his artwork. Each instrument has it's space, the harmonies interplay perfectly, and that Funky Bass i could listen to for days. Amazing artist who keeps me coming back for more!

Only the Host (John)
Get this in your ears!

Not only have you created the house funk revolution, written amazing content for the indie music blog here, and basically redefined what a hypeMan is! You also encourage so much of the insanity created behind the scenes at Only the Host , while knocking out ear worms like a madman. I can't wait to hear everything that comes next!

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