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Mario Marino
The good kind of different

Rock alternative, but an alternative to Rock - Brian makes tunes and lyrics that drift outside of the straight and narrow in a fresh and unique way that just works. Each song has a theme, and each theme is as unique as the numbers on a lottery ticket... but here's the kicker - they are all winners! Be it a drive to work, a road trip, music for the bbq, music for the party - it fits everywhere! If you are looking for a feel good vibe that hasn't been rinsed and repeated a million times, you need to get your ears on Brian!

Marc Schuster
Rockin' the Neighborhood

Brian Lambert keeps the good times rolling with his finely-tuned alt-rock sensibility and tireless drive to create new music. From his 52-week music challenge through his work with the Star Crumbles right up to his latest album, Wild, Brian keeps the flame of rock-n-roll in a wide range of its permutations burning bright.

Only the Host (John)
The new is a prime example of Brian's versatiliy.

A non-stop engaging album from beginning to end. I had the privilege of listening through a number of the songs through different phases of the album coming together, and the end result is perfect.

If you're new to Brian Lambert, the new Album "Wild" makes the perfect introduction, and once you've finished, you might be ready to deep dive the rest of Brian's diverse range of songs.

James Slattery
What a Range of Music!

When Brian Lambert releases something new, I never know what to expect because he has such a range of styles. And yet, I always know Brian's music when I hear it. "Don't Tease The Zombies" gets stuck in my head every single time I hear it, and "Clint Eastwood"is a really cool and unique take on a well-known original. One thing is for sure... if you're spinning Brian Lambert you know it's going to be great quality.

Brian Lambert

Brian Lambert is the artist who never stops creating, a man of mystery whose music transcends boundaries. Based in Denton, Texas, Brian's musical creations are not confined to any one region; they resonate with a global rock perspective. 

His sound is a harmonious blend of rock from the 80's and 90's, infused with a contemporary edge. It's music that invites listeners to dance and sing along, while also prompting introspection on life's profound moments. 

A testament to his dedication and prowess is The 52 Week Music Production Challenge, where Brian unveiled a fully produced track every week for a year. This endeavor not only highlighted his exceptional skills as a songwriter and musician but also his unwavering commitment to the art of music. 

Beyond his solo ventures, Brian is the lead vocalist for the alt-rock band, The Star Crumbles. With musical mastermind Marc Schuster, their sound, deeply rooted in 80's new wave, is refreshingly modern. With Brian's compelling vocals and the band's dynamic energy, The Star Crumbles is making significant waves in the music industry. 

Brian Lambert's magnetic stage presence combined with his relentless passion for music makes him a standout artist. Whether he's performing solo or alongside his band, his tunes have the innate ability to elevate and motivate, solidifying his position as a rock and roll luminary for today's world.


“Lambert’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and his unwavering dedication to his craft shine through in every note. In the ever-evolving indie music scene, Lambert remains a true rock and roll hero for the modern age.” - Indie Music Flix

— IndieMusicFlix

“Lambert’s fearless approach to music allows him to create songs that are not just heard but experienced. In a musical landscape that often favors conformity, Brian Lambert stands as a true original.” - Edgar Allen Poets

— Edgar Allen Poets

“...big-hearted indie rock reflects an impeccably crafted blend of eclectic interests. ” - Marc Schuster

— Abominations

“...Lambert’s taken a step back to reshape at his own style, leading him to cozy up more to the likes of Grimes and Spoon than to the classic country folk acts he’s historically been compared to. That’s not to say that Lambert doesn’t still carry the standing of songwriters like Ol’ Hank and Dylan, but this new undertaking of indie rock is undeniably refreshing to hear, especially in this year of surprises and hard left turns. ” - Jack Anderson


“Immediately upon pressing play on the song, it’s clear that “Ready To Begin” represents a significant step into indie rock for the performer, reminding us of the days when Death Cab for Cutie still made memorable music, circa 2000 to 2015. But, to paraphrase an infamous line from The O.C. about Death Cab, this song is not simply one guitar and a whole lot of complaining. Pretty far from it, actually. In fact, it’s all about embarking a new start without complaining.” - Eric Grubbs

— Central Track

“Honing his craft Lambert - who has been compared to such artists as Tom Petty and Hank Williams - has been finding inspiration and writing songs since he was a teenager. Now, his blend of country, folk and rock has made him a fixture on the Texas music scene.” - Jessica De Leon

— Denton County Magazine

“With Country Music Jesus, Lambert pairs memorable melodies with relatable stories of relationships, heartache, and life experiences with which you’ll connect.”

— The Daily Country

“...the love child of Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams. ”

— The Dentonite

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