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Only the Host

Only the Host

Be the First to Experience Only the Host's Musical Evolution with Exclusive MP3 Downloads

Embark on a thrilling journey with OnlyTheHost (John) as he explores the captivating world of music production. By downloading tracks directly from his website, you'll gain exclusive access to his evolving creations as they progress, and be among the first to experience the final masterpieces before they're officially released.

As a self-producing artist, Only the Host is passionate about sharing his musical discoveries with fans and fellow music enthusiasts. By downloading from his website, you'll not only be supporting his future releases, but you'll also receive automatic notifications when master tracks are updated.

While donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated, they are not required. Only The Host's primary goal is to share his music far and wide, touching as many hearts and souls as possible. So, don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of OnlyTheHost's creative journey.

Download the exclusive OnlyTheHost MP3s now and join him on this exhilarating adventure into the depths of musical expression!

Written and performed by
John Woodson
Agustin Ríos
Alex Hamilton


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mike Allen
Only The Legend

I discovered Only The Host in mid 2023 when seemingly overnight my Twitter feed was filled with people talking about disco chickens. Amused and curious, I finally decided to delve a little deeper, and I'm glad I did. Only The Host's music can best be described as a mix of brilliantly produced rock and grunge. However, it's often sprinkled with elements that bring me back to my days of playing in a Midwest post-hardcore band in the 90's . Offering a straight forward description of his music isn't easy which is the highest form of praise I know how to give. He has a sound that is so uniquely his own that I'm often able to identify it within the first few seconds of a song. His unwillingness to box himself into one sound is evident within just the first few minutes of his 2023 masterpiece 'Calamity.'
On top of his ability to craft epic and thought provoking rock songs, Only The Host has built up a community of musicians from all over the globe. Before discovering him and the rapidly expanding Only The Host roster, I never once felt like part of a community when it came to my music. There was very little encouragement from people, and I often wondered if anyone was actually listening to anything that I did. But after being introduced to his Indie Music Hunt livestream, and now his label, I feel like there's actually a handful of people out there who've taken some interest, and to say that's appreciated and quite special would be an understatement.

David Von Beahm
Only the many, the myth, the legend

Encourager of collaboration, and only the everything behind everything! He creates his own music, phenomenal drummer, started a label, has a YouTube streaming show, and ideas galore. There is nothing "Only" about Only the Host. From his shows, to his music, to his Nirmvana collaborations, to his strive for getting talent that needs to be heard, heard.

Uncle Funkbeard
The Original Crispy

The hardest working man in show biz. In addition to his talent for supporting and lifting other indie musicians, Only the Host is a talented songwriter and lyricist in his own right. His music blends hard rock and dark imagery with an insuppressible optimism and cinematic production quality that needs to be on the closing credits for any self-respecting superhero drama series.

Jonathan Hadley
Hopeful Lyrics with a Timeless Delivery

Only the Host delivers his songs message with conviction, wrapped beautifully in a timelessly catchy and signature blend of grunge, rock and alternative rock tones. The lyrics to each song have a depth to them that is not often found in modern music. Each one his songs delivers a message, as opposed to empty words that rhyme. He's a true artist. If you're looking for a place in his catalog to start, my personal favorite is "The Desert's Song." I love the melody and connect with the lyrics, which I find to be deeply affirming. When I first heard this song, I was not in a good place, and something about it helped me find my center and refocus. I find the same to be true about much of his catalog. So if you're looking for a place to start listening, you have my recommendation, but don't stop there. There's a lot of good medicine to explore.

De Le Greed
The Story

Only The Host's music has a way of conveying pain and intertwining thought provoking lyrics with the instrumentation to back it up, effortlessly. Highly recommend if you like rocking out!


Only the Host interview with Kelly Kintner

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