The Musicians below help with various aspect of bringing together all that is only the host and only the label. Look for them on X, look for them on discord.


Below are the Indie Page forms, various merch submission forms, along with the label contact e-mail for scheduling anything that may not be covered here yet.

  • Indie Pages

    If you'd like your music project listed on only the host please fill out this form.

    Submission form 
  • Article Submission

    We have a full featured blog for anything related to the community. If you have an idea for an Article feel free to submit to the blog. It's here for all of us.

    Submit Form 
  • New Releases

    Want promo created for a new release? Use the MP3 Drop in our discord and drop the following.

    • Artwork
    • Release Date
    • Where available
    • Link if applicable
    Go to Discord 
  • Indie Music Hunt Premieres

    Have a new song coming out? Add it to the Calendar to be Premiered on the Indie Music Hunt.

    Go to Caledner 
  • Only the Show Interviews

    Want to be featured on the Podcast? Check Kelly's Calender here.

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